Microsoft Power BI – Find Out What’s Coming Next

Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) cloud service that lets you share, collaborate and access your Excel reports anywhere on any device. Business Intelligence, the power to make data driven decisions at your finger tips.

The Power BI cloud service works together with Excel to provide a complete self-service analytics solution. With Excel for authoring reports and Power BI for Office 365 for sharing them, everyone in your organization has a powerful new way to work with data.

Power BI Sites – Insight for Everyone

Power BI sites are the heart of the collaborative Power BI experience. Quickly create Power BI sites for your team to share and view reports. Create and share your queries, and easily find queries created by others in your organization. Connect to on-premises data sources and schedule refreshes for your reports.

Power BI Q&A – Ask a Question, Get a Remarkable Answer

With instantaneous natural language querying, Q&A interprets your question and immediately serves up the correct answer on the fly—in the form of an interactive chart or graph. And these visualizations change dynamically as you modify the question, creating a truly interactive experience with your data.

Mobile BI – Access Anywhere

The Microsoft Power BI Windows Store app provides live mobile access to the important business information stored in your Office 365 account. With the Power BI app, you can view and interact with Excel and Power View content on any Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet or PC, including Surface. HTML5 support for Power BI sites means report readers can consume Power BI reports virtually anywhere, on any device.

Excel: Discover, Analyze, and Visualize any data

Now you have a powerful new way to build interactive reports and analyze your data. Excel provides rich data connections, transformation and visual analytics in an unified, seamless experience. All of this while enjoying the familiarity of Excel and features you already love such as pivot tables, slicers, charts and formulas.

Discover and Combine

Easily discover and connect to data from public and corporate data sources with Power Query. This includes new data search capabilities, as well as the ability to easily transform and merge data from multiple data sources so that you can analyze it in Excel.

Model and Analyze

With Power Pivot continue to create sophisticated data models with that data in Excel by creating relationships, custom calculated fields, hierarchies, and KPIs—all with the increased performance of in-memory technology. Because Power Pivot models run in memory, you can analyze 100s of millions of rows of data with lightning fast performance.


Create reports and analytical views in Power View with interactive charts and graphs to explore and present your data visually in Excel. Perform predictive forecasting, and hindcasting, when visualizing and exploring your data in your browser with Power BI for Office 365. Explore and navigate geospatial data on a 3D map experience with Power Map.

Share and Collaborate

Upload your Excel reports to a Power BI site and share them with anyone on your organization. Your report readers get the same dashboard interactivity in the browser, making it easier to consume data and unlock insights. Customize your Power BI sites gallery to feature and highlight specific reports and visualizations created in Excel.

Connect to all your data

Excel spreadsheets, on-premises data sources, Hadoop datasets, streaming data, and cloud services. Power Query brings all your data together so you can start analyzing it in seconds.


  • Web Page
  • Excel or CSV file
  • XML file
  • Text file
  • Folder
  • SQL Server database
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Windows Azure SQL Database
  • HDInsight
  • Access database
  • Oracle database
  • IBM DB2 database
  • MySQL database
  • SharePoint List
  • OData feed
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Windows Azure Marketplace
  • Active Directory
  • Facebook
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe
  • Salesforce