By Sebastian Herman


I spend a lot of time in coffee shops like Starbucks. It’s not because I’m such a big coffee lover (although I love a good exotic brew like Vietnamese Gold Weasel), but I work remotely and need to get a lot of work done!
I always have some deadline, and I got really tired of lugging around a heavy backpack with my laptop, extra batteries and cables.

I’m the type of guy who gets really excited when I see Elon Musk announce some new super car or space ship! I’m really into the Futurology subreddit.
And I love science fiction movies like “Minority Report” where Tom Cruise waves his hands around and gets things to happen! I’m an early adopter, I love all the latest gear!


So one day I attended some trade show where a company rep was demonstrating this absolutely AMAZING new device. It was the DARTLE LASER KEYBOARD AND MOUSE.

They guy had this little box that looked a little like a Star Trek Tricorder. He was sitting at a desk, and suddenly, this PROJECTED LASER KEYBOARD JUST APPEARED ON THE DESK!
I thought, “that’s a cool illusion”, but then the guy started TYPING right on the desk, and he filled in a whole word document!
WOW! This thing was REAL.

So it got me thinking. Why did I have to lug around a heavy laptop, batteries, extra keyboard, mouse, and all that extra stuff?? Why did I have to use a cramped little laptop keyboard?

I’m a remote worker. That means I can WORK ANYWHERE! And the DARTLE LASER KEYBOARD AND MOUSE made true remote work for real!!

I already did everything with my iPhone 11, so I didn’t need to carry around all that heavy, old fashioned stuff!

This small, ultra-portable, battery-powered device replaces your keyboard and mouse. Imagine, no more dusty, unsanitary keyboards and that mouse that you always lose… If you want a fully-portable way to work remotely anyplace, anytime, you need to know what a Dartle is and how it works.

Here’s how Dartle changed my life!

So how has the Dartle Laser Keyboard and mouse changed my life? Well, in a couple of significant ways. I spend more time out of the office and working from home or the local coffee shop. Why? Because I no longer need a desktop computer with a keyboard. Yeah, I can quickly and easily type my blogs anywhere.

Second, my work is more portable than ever before. In the past, it was laptop here and laptop there. Seriously everywhere I need to lug the laptop. When working at Starbucks I was like every time I needed to go to the bathroom, I had to pack up all my stuff to keep it secure.

Now I am so portable because the Dartle is literally in the palm of my hand and I do not need a laptop. I type directly into my mobile phone and edit and proof. This is a serious lifestyle advantage. No more backpack, just a hoody and in my pocket, phone and Dartle.

Now I have to also admit that at my local Starbucks they call me “the laser typing guy”. I get a lot of attention from people of all ages (yes, and ladies) just asking me how it works and if they can touch the keyboard (which is just the Starbucks table). Great way to start conversations.

What is a Dartle All About Mobility?

Today more than any other time, we all work on mobile devices, but the elephant in the room is “how do we effectively type”? The Dartle is an amazing invention as it lets you have a keyboard and mouse on any flat surface. Now your mobile phone is your own power work station— no more laptop or keyboard to lug around when you really need to blog, type, or fill in reports. This technology effectively creates a virtual reality keyboard to interact with. The Dartle will no doubt change the world.


The Dartle projects a red laser keyboard and in mouse mode, scans your hand movements the same way as a trackpad. The device is the size of a deck of cards and as light as mouse, so this is really the future of interactive human techogy as well.

The sleek ergonomic design and simple one touch power button makes it look like something out of Star Wars or tech from the MCU. It certainly is an attention-grabber.


Here is a quick visual explanation of how the Dartle projects a laser keyboard and then scans finger movement and transmits all of this to your devices. Simply Amazing. It’s sensitive and precise.


The first laser keyboards were priced like the first flats screen televisions. They cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Now that Dartle is becoming a household name, you can get huge discounts on the Dartle laser keyboard and mouse while they try to bring this stunning technology to every office, household, and classroom in the world. The more you buy, the lower per-unit price, but even better, at 50% off, you can get an official Dartle now for $99. This makes it an amazing purchase for yourself but also for family, friends, and co-workers.


love science fiction and I first saw a virtual keyboard in “Tron” and was amazed. It’s been a lot of years since that movie, but the Dartle captured exactly what was just science fiction and made it a reality. Dartle projects a virtual keyboard on any surface just like the movie “Tron” or other science fiction films like “Minority Report”. IT’S THE FUTURE, NOW!


Because the company is working to make the world Dartle a household name, you can buy it for introductory price of 50% off. If you want to be on the cutting edge and catch the eye of friends and family, now is the time to order and save, before the price goes up.

  • Fully-portable, making remote work easy
  • Full-size keyboard and mouse
  • Works with everything: Android and iOS, PC, Windows, and Mac
  • Amazing Laser Resolution
  • One-button power
  • Official Bluetooth connectivity to the latest standards
  • Rechargeable lithium ion power
  • Fast shipping
  • Built-in speaker for keying haptic feedback
  • Long battery lasts two full days
  • Only available online
  • Limited Supply
  • People interrupt you while you work to know how it works (could be good for meeting members of the opposite sex)